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Petri Dish

Shotgun Metagenomics

Whole genome metagenomic sequencing is often called Shotgun sequencing, because it takes a “shotgun approach” and aims to look at all the accessible DNA in a microbiome sample for mixed community. This allows us to look at the entire genome of each microbe present and determination of species, functional genes with their respective quantities. Functional genes lets us understand how each bacteria fits into the microbiome community structure (species A converts X to Y where species B converts sugers into X). Shotgun studies have enabled more studies now due to recent drop of sequencing costs and gives us a better understanding in maintenance of healthy microbiome. Additionally,  viruses and fungi can also be detected, though some RNA viruses would need to be converted into DNA for its use in metagenomics. It takes an extra mile to remove the human DNA (host depletion) which can be filtered during data analysis.



•Species-strains level taxonomy

•Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) analysis

•Metabolic functional analysis


Data Analysis

Primary Analysis

•Genome assembly

•Gene Prediction and Annotation

•Taxonomy analysis

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