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To realize the potential of precision medicine, genetic information must be amassed on a large scale. High-throughput genotyping studies are crucial for generating this volume of data and identifying disease associations. Currently, microarrays are the platform of choice for genotyping, as they allow investigators to survey millions of markers across disease cohorts or populations. High-throughput data for genotyping by sequencing hold immense value for pharmacogenomics, consumer genomics, population studies, and clinical practice. Eventually, this information can lead to better health management and more successful treatment strategies. Molsys Scientific offers services for various types of human and non-human genotyping techniques as follows:

•Illumina iScan Infinum arrays

•Thermo-Fisher GeneTitan Affymatrix microarrays

•Double digest restriction-site associated DNA (ddRADseq), also called ddRAD Sequencing



•Genome-wide association study (GWAS)

•Genetic linkage analysis

•Molecular marker discovery


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