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Molsys Private Limited (Molsys Scientific) offers services for High-Throughput technologies including genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, genotyping and metagenomics with large scale primary and secondary analysis. We provide customised solutions to challenges in the scientific research. Diseases both infectious and non-infectious remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The most critical information is obtained from the DNA sequence and thus generating unprecedented amounts of data with regards to genetic information. High-Throughput Sequencing also known as massively parallel sequencing acts as a cornerstone in personalized medicine that impacts both clinical and research areas. At Molsys we are committed to assist you in all the aspects of sequencing from project planning, sequencing and data analysis.

Complete solutions for Next-Generation technologies

Data Analytics Services
Dedicated to assisting clinicians and scientists to unlock the mysteries  hidden in the genome

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​Whole Exome Data Analysis

Whole Genome Data Analysis


Metagenomics Data Analysis

Targetted Gene Panel data analysis

Chromosomal Microarray analysis

Donor Data Management

Cloud Banking of Clinical Data

Ethical Security & IPR Management

Sequencing Platforms
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