Molsys scientific (Molsys Private Limited) is a Biotechnology startup set up in December 2017 and officially incorporated in June 2018, founded by Anupam J Das and Gaurab Banerjee.



Empowering India and the world with personalized medicine. 


To concretize the roadmap to Indian personalized medicine by introducing cutting edge genomics, cell biology, multi-dimensional cell culture services and data analytics solutions


Molsys envisions to create the future work force of India which is skilled genomics data sciences and data management. Molsys is India’s first Life Science training, research and consulting firm focusing on utilization of big data and cloud computing. Our aim is to equip future generation scientists, researchers and students with advanced Data Management skills and enable implementation of such skills in research. 

We are open for collaborations and here to help you work on creative strategies and innovative solutions in personalized medicine. Get in touch with us.

The Team


Anupam J Das

CEO & Co-founder

Gaurab Banerjee

COO & Co-founder

Nishant Sharma

General Manager

Application Scientist- Genomics Solutions

Dr. Nitin Bayal, Ph.D

Piyush Tiwari

Regional Business Manager

Rohith B

Consultant Bioinformatician

Faizaan Ansari

Jr. Clinical Solution
Specialist – Molecular Diagnostics

Scientific Advisors

Dr. T. S. Keshav Prasad, PhD

Omics Expert, Professor & Deputy Director,Yenepoya Research Centre, Yenepoya University, INDIA

Dr. Anshuman J Das, PhD

Founder Labby,

Research Scientist MIT

Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Tharageswari S

M.B.B.S., M.D.(Path); DNB(Path);

Pathologist Lab Chief SPMM hospital

Salem, INDIA

Dr. Amrita Parida

M.B.B.S., M.D.(Pharmocology);

Associate Professor,Pharmacology, KMC, Manipal INDIA