About us



Molsys scientific is India’s first Life Science training, research and consulting firm focusing on utilization of big data and cloud computing. Our aim is to equip future generation scientists, researchers and students with advanced Data Management skills and enable implementation of such skills in research. 


We are a team of passionate, dedicated and committed young scientists, mentors and students who are doctorate or post doctorate from reputed institutions across the globe. We are open for collaborations and here to help you manage your data issues - from rapid analysis > interpretation > storage > enhanced security. Get in touch with us.

Team Molsys

The Team

Anupam J  Das

CEO & Co-founder

Gaurab Banerjee

COO & Co-founder

Siva Nanda

Director, Regenerative Medicine

Nishant Sharma

Assistant General Manager

Senior Genomics Data Scientist,

Cloud Expert

Rohith B S

Senior Genomics Data Scientist

Dr. Sonia Bedi 

Genomics Solution Specialist

Sneha Shenoy M D

Junior Genomics Data Scientist


Junior Genomics Data Scientist

Nishchith Y S

Genomics Solution Specialist